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Yo! If you want to tell a suggestion, critic, comment or question about myself, my writing, my weblog, etc, you can post it on comment bellow.



1. ulan - 19 December 2009

Looks like I’m not lost..
But should I convey my greetings into English whereas my English is very poor?
Let me try..

Is this blog belonging to someone who had commented on one of my blog post?

If yes, it’s good to know this blog.
It seems that it was completely different from the previous one. More alive! But also a bit strange.. 😀

When, when, if you have time, please play-play to my blog again yes =D
Thank you..

2. yuu87 - 20 January 2010

Hello 🙂 I love Japan and Jrock, and one piece is my favourite manga/anime. let’s be friend ne? 🙂

3. Kyosuke Kakikaku - 31 January 2010

@ulan :
Yes, I commented a comment on your weblog two years ago.

Thank you for your comment.

On this my “Shin-Q-Sky Sekai” weblog, entertainment/fun article –specially Japan Entertainment (JMusic, Manga, Game)– will be prioritized to publish. It’s a bit different than Johohoho no kara weblog.

@yuu87 :
Glad to know you and to be one of your friends, Yuu.
Kyosuke Kakikaku desu, yoroshiku!

p.s. I’ll visit and comment your weblog as soon as possible.

4. yuu87 - 1 February 2010

I’ve do it (write something about me). Serena desu, yoroshiku. 🙂

5. Kyosuke Kakikaku - 3 February 2010


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