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I sold my manga collection this year 14 December 2011

Posted by Kyosuke KZ in Blog.

I like reading some manga, shounen manga especially, and I’ve collected it too. Some manga have good story, and it could inspire or entertain me. I felt happy while I read manga, but there were times when I couldn’t feel happy while I read it. When it came, I sold that made me bored 😀 Moreover, I’d save the sale proceeds or used it to buy other items (Music CDs, other book, etc).

This year I already sold some colletion :

  • Dragon Ball Complete (1-42)
  • YuYuHakusho Complete (1-19)
  • Rekka no Honou Complete (1-33)
  • One Piece (1-52)
  • Naruto
  • EyeShield 21 Complete (1-37)
  • Q.E.D

Now only a few manga collection remain (most probably I’ll sell it when I feel bored) :

  • Ryurouden Complete (1-37)
  • Ryurouden – Chuugen Ryouran Hen (1-8)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete (1-38)
  • Yaiba Complete (1-24)
  • Ore Wa Teppei Complete (1-34)
  • Kotaro Makaritoru Complete (1-59)
  • Shin Kotaro Makaritoru : Judo Hen! Complete (1-27)
  • Shin Kotaro L (1-8)
  • Kindaichi (A lot of)

Maybe on my next post, I’ll write about my Music CDs collection 🙂

Shin-Kyosuke KZ.



1. ulan - 31 December 2011

None of them I know.. Wish there are Pansy’s manga too.. Perhaps I would be the first one to buy it 😀

Humm.. I think i want to start writing new post again.. I don’t know when.. But I hope soon 😀

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