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Sayonara One Piece 19 May 2011

Posted by Kyosuke KZ in Blog.

In my opinion… One Piece is a great manga, best manga in the world. I love the good story of One Piece, I like the art/drawing style of One Piece too, in short there’s (almost) no reason why I should I hate this manga, but there are some reasons, why I should say good bye to this manga.

Folks, I should remind you again this is my opinion, if you’re not agree with me it’s okay, everyone has right to their own opinion. Okay let me continue my post..

..why I should say good bye to One Piece manga ?
The reasons are :
1. In the past, I felt happy while I read One Piece manga, but now I don’t feel happy while I read it, I don’t know why, maybe I feel bored to One Piece. Why I feel bored? Because of the long story of One Piece? Maybe yes, maybe not, I don’t know the right answer hehehehe.

2. The consequence of loving One Piece manga is a fan should buy the original manga (direct from Japan or from local publisher in our country) to support the mangaka, if not, don’t call your self One Piece manga fan or One Piece manga lover, but parasite (sorry if in your opinion this word is rough).

I bought almost 50 volumes of One Piece published by authorized local publisher in my country. But today the new manga price per volume is quite expensive in my opinion, and hey it’s local manga, not imported manga (imported manga is more expensive than local manga) ! So I gave up, I decided to not buy new manga anymore, including One Piece. Just it? No! I also sold my (some) mangas collection, including One Piece. (The reason why I sell my manga collection is to save the sale proceeds into my savings or to buy music CD).

3. Some external factors such my other hobbies. I’m a music CD collector, I’ve collected and hunted many music CD which I like, and this year my most-wanted CDs are just remain few numbers (approximately ten album). And I wanna more focus to this. Ah, and I’m quite busy with my job, and there’s something I want to achieve in my life, so I should stop my hobby that spend much time, i.e. following One Piece manga story which no man knows when it will end.

That’s why I should say good bye to One Piece manga.

Maybe it’s quite sad, ffuuuuh…. sayonara One Piece!!

May 18 + 1, 2011

(Shin) Kyosuke KZ.



1. yuu87 - 28 August 2011

I love One Piece but I respect your opinion, that is because there were times when I felt a manga could not give me anything anymore and I was just bored or pissed. In those cases I said goodbye to the manga itself or just waited and after a while tried to read it again to see if it worked and I felt something from it.

You are right, volumes cost a lot..it’s a pity.

See ya πŸ™‚

2. Kyosuke KZ - 14 December 2011

Yeah, you’re right. I tried to read some new chapters of One Piece again, but I still bored πŸ˜€ Thanks for the comment yuu πŸ˜‰

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