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Kyosuke’s Reflection : 2009-2010. 31 January 2010

Posted by Kyosuke KZ in Blog.

What did I do last year? What do I want to do this year? What do I wish this year and next year?

Kyosuke KZ’s Reflection : 2009-2010.


In my opinion, I spent a lot of money in entertainment goods last year; I bought…

  • … many JMusic original discs. Cascade, Nami Tamaki, Sutei Shojo, High and Mighty Color, UVERworld, Back-On, Shela, Tomato Cube, Ami Suzuki, Globe, Zard, Kyoko Fukada, Drug Store Cowboy, Gilles de Rais, Baiser, Angel+Dust, Penicillin, Pierrot, Rouage, T.M.R.evolution, Scanch, Air Gear OST, Voltage Fighters Gowcaizer OST, KOF 95 AST, KOF 96 AST, etc (I won’t write all of it hehehe).

  • … some western music original discs. Slut, Tatu, Linkin Park, Saosin, The Black Eyed Pease, No Doubt, Tokyo Drift OST, American Pie OST, etc (I won’t write all of it hehehe).

  • … Mbah Surip’s disc “Tak Gendong” album. HAHAHA (Mbah Surip’s laughing style).

  • … some mangas. One Piece, Naruto, YuYuHakusho, etc.

  • … iriver e100 4gb. (I categorized it in entertainment budget even though I’ve used it for non-entertainment activities too).

Another important thing last year….

  • I found some items of my old wanted list.
  • I didn’t forget to concern my spiritual emotion, to improve it; avoid freezing the heart. I also bought some religious books last year, even my religious books budget’s decreased last year (on contrary my entertainment budget’s increased highly last year).
  • I finished my book draft.
  • I lost something in my self…
  • I found something new and good in my self.

Now and Future

I am…

  • …(Shin) Kyosuke KZ!
  • …still maintaining some websites and weblogs.
  • …still writing some articles, serious articles and entertainment articles, in real world and wired world.
  • …trying to know more about my self and more accept it.
  • …not learning anything, what a foolish I am!

I hope…

  • …I can controll my money more wisely.
  • …some unsolved/forgotten problems will be solved.
  • …I will be a good real enterpriser (not only net-enterpriser).
  • …my temporary discontinued projects will be reactivated this year.
  • …I will find a place for my entrepreneurial office this year.
  • …my first book will be accepted and published by a book publisher this year.
  • …I will be success, healthy and happy person in this world and hereafter. That’s also a wish for my family and my good friends.

(Shin) Kyosuke KZ

I’ve fixed my self in order to become a better person for a long time. Now I’m standing at the edge of my world, and I’m looking for something to get…



1. iniulan - 2 February 2010

Do you write a book?
I wonder if i may know what the book is about eh, i mean about the book..

2. Kyosuke Kakikaku - 3 February 2010

Yes, I finished my book draft last year. It’s a book draft, not a published book. I sent it to some book publishers last year. So I hope my first “draft” book will be accepted and published by a book publisher this year. The draft book is about ….. (I can’t tell you for now ;p)

3. ulanlagi - 19 March 2010

Long time no see, yes 😀
How do you do.. *eh keliru
How are you?
And how about your draft book?
Humm.. If there any progress about it, would you mind if i know?
I would be glad to know it :Dv

4. Kyosuke Kakikaku - 24 May 2010

Great, thank you!

Ah, about my draft book… hmmm…I’ve got no latest news from the book publisher until now. Maybe it’s rejected by them ^^.

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