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Vivo – Cascade 29 April 2009

Posted by Kyosuke KZ in J-Music, Visual Kei.

Cascade new single : Vivo

Tracklist :

  1. 五月雨キミの声 (gogatsu ame kimi no koe) : new song
  2. トロピカル・パレード (TUROPIKARU PAREEDO–>Tropical parade) : new song
  3. Kill Me Stop
  4. Flowers of Romance
  5. Sexy Sexy,

Release Date: 2009/04/15

Price : 1500 yen (Tax Included)

Label : wint (ASCM-6047)

I haven’t listened two new songs of Cascade (the samples are not available in cdjapan nor Amazon Japan), so I don’t want to comment it, but I believe the two new songs are good. Even so, most probably I won’t buy it, because I don’t want spend my money just for two new songs (I have “Viva Nice Best” album includes Kill Me Stop, Flower of Romance, Sexy sexy,) without instrument version. I’ll be waiting for their new album or next single (good single with instrument version).

Kyosuke Kakikaku.



1. Elcoj - 30 April 2009

Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.

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