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Mucc – Kyutai 26 March 2009

Posted by Kyosuke KZ in J-Music, Visual Kei.

MUCC has released new album “Kyutai”. The tracklists :

  1. Kyutai
  2. Houkou
  3. Ageha
  4. Hide and Seek
  5. Kagero
  6. Lemming
  7. Oz
  8. Fuyu
  9. Sanbika
  10. Sora to Ito
  11. Hanabi

Release Date: 2009/03/04

Price : 3000 (Tax Included)

Label : Universal Music (UPCI-1091)

I haven’t listened some samples of the album (the samples are not available in cdjapan nor Amazon Japan), so I don’t want to comment it. I hope “Kyutai” will be released in my country too, so I can buy the album cheaper than Japan version. Universal Music Indonesia, please release MUCC’s new album (Kyutai) like you released MUCC’s album in 2008 (Shion).

Kyosuke Kakikaku.



1. Muslim - 26 April 2009


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