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Orange Range’s plagiarism 12 February 2009

Posted by Kyosuke KZ in Pakuri.

Have you ever known Orange Range and heard their music/song?
If you’re a Japanese Music fan or an anime fan, maybe you’ve known Orange Range and heard their music/song.

But, have you ever known about Orange Range’s plagiarism?

Orange Range have been accused of plagiarizing some artists. I’m pretty sure Orange Range stole some music melody from other artists then they mixed it into their songs. One of the samples is Viva Rock (Naruto Ending 3). If you don’t agree with me, then you should watch this video :

Now what’s your opinion?
Another samples :
– Locolotion : Locomotion (Orange Range added the songwriters of Locomotion in their 2nd Album “Musiq”)
– Shanghai Honey : Wannabe (Spice Girls)

If you know another samples of Japanese music plagiarism (not only Orange Range), please let me know it.

Kyosuke Kakikaku.

p.s. For your information, I don’t hate Orange Range nor anti-Orange Range even though they’re not one of my favorite singers. but I hate Orange Range’s plagiarism.  I have Panic Fancy album, I like some songs from Panic Fancy (Genjitsu Touhi, Ikenai Taiyou, Fuyumi, etc), even though it’s not one of my favorite album. I used to be like of Viva Rock too (especially when it used on Naruto ending 3).



1. BinARs - 13 February 2009

i wont buy orenji renji’s cd again!!

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