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I sold my manga collection this year 14 December 2011

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I like reading some manga, shounen manga especially, and I’ve collected it too. Some manga have good story, and it could inspire or entertain me. I felt happy while I read manga, but there were times when I couldn’t feel happy while I read it. When it came, I sold that made me bored 😀 Moreover, I’d save the sale proceeds or used it to buy other items (Music CDs, other book, etc).


Sayonara One Piece 19 May 2011

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In my opinion… One Piece is a great manga, best manga in the world. I love the good story of One Piece, I like the art/drawing style of One Piece too, in short there’s (almost) no reason why I should I hate this manga, but there are some reasons, why I should say good bye to this manga.

Wanna post this wanna post that 19 May 2011

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Haha…. I almost forgot this weblog, I almost abandoned it ^^

Well, … now it’s blogging time 🙂

p.s. I do not promise, but I wanna keep this blog up to date with my new (rare) posts 🙂

Kyosuke KZ 28 August 2010

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Kahahahaha Zahahahaha

My (new) nick name is Kyosuke KZ.

Kyosuke’s Reflection : 2009-2010. 31 January 2010

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What did I do last year? What do I want to do this year? What do I wish this year and next year?

Kyosuke KZ’s Reflection : 2009-2010.


In my opinion, I spent a lot of money in entertainment goods last year; I bought… (more…)

Vivo – Cascade 29 April 2009

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Cascade new single : Vivo

Tracklist :

  1. 五月雨キミの声 (gogatsu ame kimi no koe) : new song
  2. トロピカル・パレード (TUROPIKARU PAREEDO–>Tropical parade) : new song
  3. Kill Me Stop
  4. Flowers of Romance
  5. Sexy Sexy,

Release Date: 2009/04/15

Price : 1500 yen (Tax Included)

Label : wint (ASCM-6047)